Tea Dying Fabric | DIY

Sometimes you find something you love but the coloring isn’t quite right, maybe you want it to look more aged (only with your home do you want things to look older), or you just want to change the shade for the heck of it? Well you can, and it’s so easy – just use some tea.

Most fabrics should be able to be used to do this, the more cotton based the material is the more absorbent it will be. I am not a scientist and I actually didn’t do that much research about that last sentence soo..anyways.

I found a macrame hanger for $6 at a hardware store which is awesome because these hangers can get expensive fast.  I totally get why they can be so pricey since they can get pretty complicated to make, but Curtis wasn’t looking to spend a lot so this was great. It just was just to bright for the walls it was surrounded by.

I decided instead of searching for one that was that right shade (like who knows how long that could take), I decided to change it’s color by just dying it with some tea. For this you’ll need a heat proof bowl, some tea bags (at least 4 for a light dye job), and boiling water. The more tea bags you use, the darker it will be, and the longer you leave your cloth item in the tea bath the more tea it will absorb. Pretty simple, right?

tea steps

Pour the boiling water over your material and add the tea bags and give them a stir every once in a while. I left my macrame hanger in there for about 10 minutes, stirring it three of four times to make sure all areas were getting equal loving form the tea Gods.

I poured out the tea and let the macrame hanger sit in the bowl for a bit, then after about another 15 or so minutes I gave it a light ringing out and then hung it in the bathroom and let it dry. I think it looks ten times better now than it did before!




What kinds of things have you dyed to change the look of i?



I love me a chalkboard wall, who doesn’t? They’re so fun to draw on and useful to make lists and leave little notes but the trouble is it involves painting the walls. Some landlords allow you to paint and that’s awesome but for those who aren’t allowed – it can hurt your soul. I am about to share with you how to have a chalkboard wall without damaging your walls. Get ready because you’re going to be like “damnnn curtis back at it again with amazing ideas”. I know, I hate myself a little for using that reference too – judge away.

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Hosting Brunch in Style

We all love going out with our friends on the weekend for a nice meal and a few dranksss. Sometimes, though, it can be nice to not have to pick a spot, wait in line (if you didn’t plan far enough ahead to make a reservation), and deal with all the other annoying people that are also there – so why not just host it yourself? Read More


Books, Inspiration, Hi.

Sorry, I’ve been currently busy trying to decide what to do with my life and not have pimples on my quarter of a century old face which apparently are still a thing because stress. Annoying.

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few solid books that I’ve really gotten a lot out of for different reasons. I don’t know about you people, but I’m a big fan of actually books. Something about the smell, the sound of the page being turned,  or the sound they make when they hit the floor when you fall asleep with them (the last being horrifying if you were using some sort of electronic device to read). No matter how you decide to read, the following are books that I’d recommend for anyone who wants to add personality to their home.

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